Our Goal

The project aims to develop a VET training for professionals focused on how to manage a Project on Social Intervention using tourism as case study: moreover, the VET trainees learn how to enhance storytelling skills of the elderly persons in the field of the tourism industry.

Thus, the expected benefit is double: on one hand, it is possible to offer a different experience to tourists, providing an innovative “touristic attraction” for Tourism Professionals. On the other hand, the elderly people have the opportunity to be reintegrated into active society as “storyteller” within the tourism industry.

To create a training module

on “Project Development for Social Inclusion and Valorisation of People with Special Needs of Social Assistance” for VET students in the field of social care and welfare.

To develop hard and soft skills of VET students

to create and implement projects and activities for Social Inclusion and Valorisation.

To better prepare the VET students

 to address the challenges at the work place, with focus on the people under need of social assistance.

To increase the notoriety of VET

in the field of care and welfare.

To use tourism and the elderly under need of social assistance

as departure points to transform the tourism industry and the approach to social assistance, by valorising the elderly as voluntary Local Storytellers for the tourism industry.

To increase the number of social inclusion tools

 and its beneficiaries.

Main activities

  • Collection of 200 questionnaires focusing on inclusion and valorisation of the elderly people;
  • Conduction of 20 Interviews with disabled people, and people at risk of exclusion;
  • Collection of good practices and/or inspirational cases regarding inclusion of disabled people, old people and people in risk of exclusion;
  • Organisation of 1 round table with professionals and experts on inclusion of the people in difficulties;
  • 2 pilot testing involving stakeholders in order to test the acquired competences of the participants and the effectiveness of the developed activities.